Welcome to my blog! I am a director of children’s ministry who is somewhat distraught by the big trends in children’s ministry. This blog contains my thoughts and observations about how we (children’s ministry leaders, pastors, parents, church-planters, Christians) can meet Jesus’ call to “welcome the little ones” in our society today. With the disheartening information about how young adults are flocking away from the church,  it is an important time to think critically about children’s ministry and open ourselves up to new ways of involving children in the life of the church. Mostly I want to begin a conversation of what could be.

A little bit about me…

  • Wife of Ryan, college sweetheart
  • Mother of Theo, my sweet, energetic toddler
  • B.A. Christian Education, Trinity Lutheran College
  • M.A. Family Life Education, Concordia University
  • Ph.D. Education, Seattle Pacific University
  • Becoming a Love and Logic Parent facilitator

  1. Heather,
    You are an insperation, one day I hope to grow up and be like you:)

  2. Heather,

    My name is Dana Wright and I am the instructor for CYFS398 at TLC. I am so thrilled that you have signed up for the course. I know it will be great to have you. I sent a syllabus to the students this morning but didn’t have your e-mail. Please send it to me and I will send my email to you directly. Also, I have asked to meet with the students this coming Monday at 2:00 at TLC. No replies yet but I hope we can all meet together. Looking forward to meeting you.

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