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Day 2 at Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity Conference

It has been a long day so I will end the night with a few quotes and themes from the day, and hopefully expound on my thoughts later.

My interpretations from inside the walls of Calvary Baptist Church today:

Themes that came up several times today:

-The power of story and rituals for shaping a community as well as individuals of faith

-The value of pan-generational worship

-We don’t play enough

Quotes or key points:

From Catherine Marseca

“Children have a faith in God that we can nurture, but must not control.”

From Christopher Rodkey

Does religious education invite our youth to leave church? Have taught them the sanctuary is an adult space?

The church is one particular place in our society when generations come together and experience empathy building between one another. Children have an innate sense of empathy that we essentially unteach them. Pan generational opportunities allow us all the space to experience and practice that empathy.

From Cathy Ode:

Play is: inviting, engaging, creative, memory making, safe, and community enhancing.

Play is stifled by: Being too serious, a happy clappy approach, shame, and entertainment.

Enthusiasm translated means “Full of God” or “God within”

From Dr. John Westerhoff 

We need communities of faith in place of institutions of religions.

Communities have: a common story, a common authority, common ritual and common life.